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Woman Keeps Dead Roommate in Living Room for 19 Months

Charles Zigler

Charles Zigler

Of the death of that her roommate and friend Charles Zigler, 67, Michigan woman Linda Chase, 72, told authorities that around Christmas 2010, “He just went to sleep.” Police went to check on Zigler at his family’s request last week and found that Chase had just left Zigler’s body in the living room recliner, covered in blankets, for 19 months. When asked why she did not contact anyone regarding his death, Chase told the Jackson Citizen Patriot, “It’s not that I’m heartless. … I didn’t want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me.” She added, “I’m probably going to prison.” Chase reportedly would not let Zigler’s son in to see his father, but she also kept the body dressed and clean, and even talked to it while watching NASCAR on TV.

Chase admitted to cashing Zigler’s benefit checks after his death, and is being investigated for fraud.

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