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Chastity DuFour Allegedly Beats Toddler Blind

Chastity DuFour

Chastity DuFour

Chastity DuFour of Enumclaw, Washington, is accused of abusing her boyfriend’s son, 3, while he was in her care. She reportedly has a child with the boyfriend, 7 months old, and her own son, 5. The toddler was admitted to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital on May 29 after suffering a seizure, and wound up in the ICU covered from head to toe with bruises, partially blinded, with retinal hemorrhaging and brain damage. According to prosecutors, his injuries will present the boy with “lasting neurological and physical challenges.” Du Four, who cares for her five year old and the seven month old she has with her boyfriend, said she does not know how the child got hurt, but that he had recently fallen off a bed while playing with her son, and that he hit his head on a nearby metal toolbox, but later seemed fine. Investigators confirmed the height of the bed and the location of the toolbox.

According to the charging documents filed July 6, 2012, DuFour’s five year old initially told investigators that his brother “hurts himself on his own … gets bruises because of his allergies and because he falls off the bed a lot.” Later he admitted that “Mom told me to tell she didn’t hurt [the victim].” He went on to explain that his mother would go to prison if his little brother died. He added that his mother spanks and gets “super angry.” Also that she “pushes [the victim] down” when [victim] wets himself, and that “he hurts from the ground and his head gets hurt.” The charging documents confirm investigators’ beliefs that “the source of the defendant’s anger towards three-year-old [victim] was potty training.”

It seems that this is not DuFour’s first run-in with Child Protective Services. There was a 2008 domestic violence incident involving her husband, a 2009 assault on her eldest son, and in 2011 a pregnant DuFour tested positive for methamphetamine. DuFour has been charged with second-degree assault of a child/domestic violence. Bail is set at $250,000.

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