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VIDEO: Detroit Rapper Under Investigation After Bragging About Dog Fighting in Viral Clip

A still taken from the video.

Detroit rapper Young Calicoe is being investigated by the Michigan Humane Society after a video (below) posted earlier this month gained attention online. In the five-minute clip, which opens with Calicoe saying “we got a f***ing zoo in here” while another man holds a small alligator, Calicoe gives a tour of a property and shows off pit bulls and other animals.  ”Anybody wanna fight some dogs?” Calicoe says while opening a wooden gate, then adds, “I hope we don’t get indicted for that…that Michael Vick-type sh*t.” Later in the clip Calicoe points to a caged rooster and says, “We fight them too. That’s a champ right there.”  The man who was earlier holding the alligator then taunts the rooster. Overall, Calicoe shows off seven roosters, six dogs, and two small puppies, to which he says “Champions in the making too.”

On his Twitter account, Calicoe is busy fighting off criticism.  Yesterday, he tweeted, “If u find a video of me ‘FIGHTING DOGS’ PLEEEEZE LET ME KNO.”  Ever since then, he has been dismissing his words in the video as just that — words.  In one tweet, Calicoe says, “I also kill people mothers rite? Sell dope, o and the biggest 1 I RIDE WIT IT ON MY LAP… Lmao,” presumably meaning that the things he raps about are not things he actually does. In another tweet along the same vein, he adds, “I talk about f***in people girls in every battle to don’t I?”  Against his best interest, Calicoe still has his phone number displayed on his Twitter account, “for booking only.”

My Fox Detroit reported that they spoke with Calicoe on the phone, and he maintained that “rappers talk about all kinds of things that they never do,” and that the animals belong to a friend and are not used for fighting.

On his Facebook page, friends and fans have left messages in Calicoe’s support. “BRO YOU GOTTA REDEEM YOURSELF,” urges one, while another reads, “When U Was Talkin Bout Ya Dogs Bang, Didnt Think U Was Talking Litterally, SMH LOL.” Another is more direct:  ”I don’t care if you f***in shoot a dog at your next battle.. #fan4life.”  His fan page, however, is flooded with angry messages.

Young Calicoe’s real name has at this point not been released, and it is unclear whether the property he tours in the video is his.  The video can be seen below. Warning: contains expletives. 

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