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Man Offers to Sell Four of his Children to Satanists for Blood Sacrifice

Police Chief Solomon Jere

Police Chief Solomon Jere

Police in Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia, have arrested Jones Chinga, 48, and two of his elder sons, Noston 24 and Nickson 29, for “conspiracy to murder contrary to the Laws of Zambia.” It seems that the family needed money, and so they planned to sell four of Chinga’s children for K271 million, around $55,000 USD. Central Province Police Chief Solomon Jere confirmed to the media that police had received a tip, in June from a member of a known Satanic Pentecostal church in Kabwe, that Chinga had approached them offering to sell them a girl, 3, for K70 million, a young man, 21, for K60 million, and two more of his children who were to have been chosen at a later time for K141 million. The children were to be sacrificed for blood.

In a sting operation police went undercover with the complainant, donning black satanic garments, the cross worn by the cult, even adopting the Satanists’ walk, and met with Chinga’s sons at the church to discuss price. After they came to an agreement, they went to get the first two sacrificial victims from Chinga. That’s when he allegedly told them that there were many more people to be had for sale. When police revealed their identities, Chinga reportedly tried to bribe them with a truck that he didn’t have with him, and asked them to forget that the whole thing ever happened. When asked why he wanted to sell his relatives he told police that they were planning to kill him. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the 21-year-old weren’t crazy about his dad, seeing as his father was trying to sell him for slaughter, but it is doubtful that the three-year-old could have posed any threat to Chinga.

Jere told reporters, “We take this case to be that of conspiracy to murder because the children, if sold, were destined to be killed,” Jere said. Police are also investigating the church. Chinga and his two sons are being detained at the Kasanda police station, and are expected to have their first court appearance soon.

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