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Man Kills Son to Sell Body Parts

Map of Mozambique with Manhica locator.

Map of Mozambique with Manhica locator. Click map to enlarge view.

Police in Mozambique confirmed on June 25, 2012, that they had arrested an unidentified man from Manhica, for killing, decapitating, and castrating his own son to sell the body parts to a human-organ trafficker for 500,000 meticais (about US$18,000). The killer then took the body parts to Chokwe, in the province of Gaza. Many of the body parts bought and sold are reportedly purchase by the local witchdoctors to make charms or perform rituals.

According to Pedro Cossa, the national spokesperson for the Mozambican police, the buyer in this case never showed, so the man went to visit his father who lived in the area, “His father was already aware of what had happened in Manhica and noticed that his son was distraught. Asked about the problem, the perpetrator confessed the crime to his father, who reported the case to the police”, explained Cossa.

It seems that the man worked for the trafficker, who was demanding a victim with certain facial features. In this case, the man was unable to find anyone but his son who fit the desired description, so he killed the son. The rest of the son’s remains were found later in Manhica, in the village of Taninga.

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