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Head Found in Montreal Park Belongs to Magnotta Victim

Jun Lin. Facebook photo.

Acting on a tip last Sunday, police found a human head in Montreal’s Angrignon Park, just a few miles from Luka Magnotta’s apartment. Speculation ran rampant that the head was the final piece of Jun Lin, the Chinese student Magnotta viciously hacked to death in late May. On Wednesday, investigators confirmed that forensic testing proved the head was Lin’s.

Police would not say whether the tip came from Magnotta himself – currently in a Canadian jail after his extradition from Germany — or someone else. “I’m not confirming anything,” said police spokesperson Raphael Bergeron.

Last week, at a funeral for Lin held at Concordia University — where Lin was studying computer science at the time of his death — Lin’s mother Du gave a eulogy for her son. “We lived a happy and satisfied life,” Du recalled. “All of a sudden, everything ended on that day, May 25. We lost our son forever.” Du described Magnotta as a “monster” she hoped “will get the punishment he deserves.”

Magnotta is scheduled for trial on first-degree murder and several other lesser charges in 2013.

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