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Video: Man Dies in Courtroom Following Guilty Verdict

Michael Marin as he appears to place something in his mouth.

Former Wall Street banker Michael Marin is suspected to have killed himself in court Friday after being found guilty of arson. Marin, 53, a one-time millionaire who burned down his house after being unable to pay for it, faced a 15 3/4 year sentence.

In a video (seen below) recorded in Maricopa County Superior Court, Marin is seen covering his face with his hands and appears to be putting something in his mouth after hearing the guilty verdict. Seven minutes later, Marin begins to heave and wheeze before collapsing on the floor. He was dead before he reached the hospital. Investigators suspect poison was the cause of death.

Before coming upon hard times financially, Marin, equipped with a Yale law degree and millions in assets, lived a luxurious life. Then, his bulging bank account grew empty and his debts skyrocketed. By the time his Phoenix mansion burned down in 2009, Marin owed hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Though Marin claimed to have barely escaped his burning home, he was charged with arson of an occupied structure after investigators found boxes of flammable debris lining the walls inside.

Judge Bruce Cohen dismissed the jury after Marin collapsed. When Marin was pronounced dead, Cohen said ”I’m at a loss for words, honestly, at this point.”

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