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Florida Man Returns Used Enemas to CVS

Disposable saline enemas

Police in Jacksonville, Fla., have arrested a man that they believe has been tampering with saline enemas. Specifically, police say he bought the enemas one pack at a time at a local CVS drugstore, opened them from the bottom, used them, resealed the box with glue, and returned them. He allegedly did this several times, returning the first pack in April. The man, who is in custody and whose identity has not been released, perhaps for his own good, was caught after an employee decided that it was strange that the same customer would return the same product over and over. The clerk checked after the man left and, having confirmed that the enemas were used, Informed his supervisors. No one contacted police until the man tried his routine a fifth time on June 12. Ultimately laboratory testing did confirm the presence of fecal matter on the bottles returned by the suspect.

CVS pulled that product from the shelves, and in its place put a statement informing customers of the incident, saying that as many as 12 bottles could have been affected, and added, “Also, out of an abundance of caution, we are proactively contacting all 21 customers we’ve identified who purchased any of the potentially impacted enema products at the store within this period of time and have succeeded in reaching more than half of them.”

The suspect was arrested on an outstanding warrant, and has not yet been charged in this case.

CVS asks that anyone who purchased an enema product at the San Jose Boulevard store in Jacksonville between April 10 and June 12 call them at 866-559-8861. Also, Florida’s District Consumer Complaint Coordinator asks that anyone with information about the case contact that office at 866-337-6272.

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