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Mom Jailed for Overdue ‘Twilight’ Library Books and DVDs

In a shocking display of lawlessness, New Mexico mom Lori Teel failed to return her library books and DVDs on time to the Portales Public Library. The Albuquerque Journal Online-Edition reports that she racked up a whopping $35.98 in fees for her unreturned hardcopy of Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVDs. Luckily police were on hand June 12, 2012, at her home, to slap the cuffs on this dangerous criminal, in front of her five small children, and take her to jail. She spent the night in jail and was released the next morning on $610 bail. Her children, ages 1-10, stayed at the neighbor’s house.

Thankfully, Teel’s her attorney had the presence of mind to check the address on the summons to appear in Portales Municipal Court, and found that it was addressed to her childhood home. It turns out, Teel never received any of the communications regarding the overdue library materials in question. In fact, she has no recollection of borrowing them from the library on October 10, 2010, as library records would indicate. Even so, police were able to crack open a phone book and track her down, when no one else could be bothered.

The charges against Teel were dismissed, but that doesn’t give her back the night she spent in jail. Teel plans to take legal action for her embarrassing arrest, saying, “My kids are still very emotional. They had to stay with a complete stranger. My 3-year-old is traumatized over it. She will not leave my side.”

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