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Cross-Dressing Crime Spree Hits the Big Easy

New Orleans' suspected Wig Bandit

New Orleans' suspected Wig Bandit

According to authorities in New Orleans, robbers in drag have hit local area businesses at least four times since June 22. Witnesses and surveillance cameras indicated that the suspects operate as a two-man team: One, who is stocky and stands about six-feet tall and wears a black dress and a long black wig, and another, who wears dark jeans and a dark shirt. The one in the wig is being called the Wig Bandit.

The Wig Bandit and another man wearing a scarf, believed to have been Adonus Harris, 24, who is now in custody, are suspects in the June 22 Mushroom Record Store robbery that kicked off the spree. The same day, a man in a long black wig robbed a Liberty Bank. Since then, long-black-wig-wearing bandits have struck two more times, holding up a Shell gas station, making off with thousands of dollars in cash, and a Motel 6 in broad daylight.

Investigators are trying to determine if these crimes are connected, or if cross dressing to commit crime is just a good disguise these days in New Orleans. Criminologist Peter Scharf told, “Is it copycat? Is it just a good strategy? If you think about it, if there are a bunch of people robbing people who are cross dressing. (It’s a) great time to try that because they will probably get you confused with the other five groups.”

Anyone with information on the matter is urged to call Crimestoppers at (504)822-1111.

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