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Woman Sent Videos of Child Abuse to Baby’s Father, Police Say

Kellie Park, 20. Police photo.

Kellie Park, a 20-year-old mom from West Haven, Conn., was arrested after police say she texted videos of herself verbally and physically abusing her 10-month-old baby to the child’s father.  The father called police upon receiving the videos, which authorities say depicted Park throwing food at the baby, and saying “shake it up” while shaking a portable crib until the baby fell out. In another video, Park allegedly says ”eat stuff off the floor, this is what your dad wants to make me do.”  Throughout the videos, the baby screams and cries.

According to text messages the father handed over to police, Park wrote, ”I love abusing your kid,” and  ”I’ll break the baby’s face.” Police received the texts and videos on June 20, the same day that Park was taken to the hospital after a suicide attempt. She was arrested immediately after her release and charged with risk of injury, third degree assault, cruelty to persons and second degree threatening.  The baby was placed in the care of the Department of Children and Families.

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