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Convicted Serial Stabber Gets Life Sentence

Elias Abuelazam. Police photo.

A racially-motivated killer who went on a stabbing spree in Michigan in 2010 will go to prison for life without the possibility of parole.  Elias Abuelazam, 35, was found guilty of killing handyman Arnold Minor last month. While his defense argued that Abuelazam is schizophrenic, the court rejected his insanity plea.  The evidence against Abuelazam in the Arnold Minor killing was overwhelming — the 49-year-old man’s blood was found in Abuelazam’s car and on his luggage. During sentencing proceedings yesterday, Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton told the judge, ”This man terrorized the community. He murdered our citizens. … He stabbed and maimed our friends.” Abuelazam had nothing to say when offered the chance to speak. Following the reading of the sentence, the victim’s mother, Elzora Minor, 68, collapsed after seeing the grinning face of her son’s killer.

Abuelazam still faces trials for his other victims; he’s suspected in a total of 14 stabbings in Flint, Mich., three in Leesburg, Va., and one in Toledo, Oh. Five of the stabbings resulted in deaths.  It is yet unknown how many of these attacks he will be tried for.

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