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Surprise Court Apperance by Luka Magnotta

Luka Rocco Magnotta. Photo: Montreal police.

The Thursday hearing for alleged “Canadian Psycho” killer Luka Magnotta held a few surprises: the defense did not demand their client be examined by a psychiatrist… and Magnotta himself appeared in court.

The presence of the porn actor now on trial for murder and dismemberment was unexpected — he had appeared via video conference at a hearing earlier this week. Two guards stood at either side of Magnotta, who said nothing during the hearing.
The National Post reports that the newly-notorious Magnotta has gained a fan following on the internet. One Luka Magnotta Facebook page has inspired over 1400 Likes.

Magnotta’s lack of legal maneuvering — not contesting extradition from Germany or requesting a delay in proceedings for a mental evaluation — sets the table for the next step toward trial in a Montreal court. The next time Magnotta steps into court will likely take place in March 2013, when his preliminary hearing is set to begin.

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