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Mother of Man Killed by Drunk Driver Must Pay for City to Clean Up Blood

Loretta Robinson reads her statement in court. Photo: WYFF/Youtube.

In Greenville,  S.C., Loretta Robinson is grieving the death of her son, Justin Walker. Walker was killed last year when his car was struck by a drunken driver.  Anna Gonzales, an illegal immigrant who had no driver’s license, was sentenced to 17 years after pleading guilty last week. Gonzalez’s guilty plea should have brought a sense of closure for Robinson. Instead, she’s faced with a rude reminder of her son’s death in the form of bills she’s accrued as a result of his accident.

Although Walker was not at fault in the wreck, Robinson was charged $50 to have the street where her son died — and left his blood — cleaned up. She’s also had to pay thousands to have his vehicle removed from the scene and stored, although she has no income. ”First of all, having to open the mail and look at the charge to the deceased, Justin Darryl Walker — the deceased! It’s just a hard thing to deal with in the context of your child,” Robinson told the judge at Gonzalez’s trial.

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