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Medium Accused of Making Women Strip and Dance Provocatively to Increase Psychic Powers

Welsh medium Karl Lang, 49, has apparently been a very naughty boy. He is accused of convincing at least two of his female clients to strip naked and perform provocatively for him to increase their odds of contacting the spirit world. They claim, he told them that “the spirits are naked.” Both women had separate sessions with Lang, but report parallel experiences.

According to one victim, now 22, she initially contacted Lang, who allegedly referred to himself as the “reincarnation of Jesus Christ,” three years ago, during a difficult period in her life. She wanted to contact her dead grandfather, and states that, “To get stronger, he told me I had to do things that mankind was afraid of.” At one point he allegedly had her strip naked during a séance and perform “like a porn star” in order to contact her dead grandfather, “He said the more outrageous I performed, the stronger I would become.” The corollary to this line of reasoning was, of course, that if she didn’t do what he said, she would become weaker and bad things would happen as a result. Lang himself was naked during all of the sessions.” The victim now feels embarrassed and like she was “brainwashed, manipulated and groomed” by an abuser.

Another victim had hoped to communicate with her dead father, and sought Lang’s spiritual guidance for two years, but called police when he allegedly told her that in order to proceed to the next level of spirituality, she would have to let him touch her. He reportedly contacted the other victim at that time asking her to keep quiet.

Both women claim the he demanded that they send him explicit photos of themselves and videos. He has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges of causing women to engage in sexual activity without consent.

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