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Woman Caught Cooking Meth in Purse at Walmart Has Been Arrested Again

Jennifer Vaughn-Culp

This is Jennifer Vaughn-Culp: Both the mugshot and a slightly older photo from her facbook page (inset).

The woman caught cooking meth in her purse at a Missouri Walmart while shoplifting has been identified, and arrested again. Jennifer Vaughn-Culp, 32, now infamous for her early June meth cooking escapade that shut down a Walmart for seven hours, has been caught cooking meth again, this time outside a U-Mart, located, incidentally, just three miles from the Walmart.

According to St. Louis County Police, they responded to a call about a suspicious person lurking outside a U-Mart. When they arrived, they found Vaughn-Culp in the parking lot. She threw something into a dumpster, which police retrieved and found to be a portable “one-pot” meth lab, just like the one she had in her purse at the Walmart. Vaughn-Culp was charged Tuesday with several counts of possession and manufacturing of methamphetamine.

The photo shown here is Vaughn-Culp both in her mugshot and from her Facebook page, presumably from several months ago.

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