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Police Release Photo of Unidentified Murder Victim’s Tattoo Hoping to Identify Her

Unidentified female victim's tattoo

Unidentified female victim's tattoo

Investigators are hoping that releasing a photo of the tattoo found on a murdered woman will help identify her. The unidentified woman’s body was found June 16, 2012, at Westfield Falls in Middletown, Conn., at around 1 p.m. by hikers, who had followed a trail of what looked like blood. Police determined that the body had been dragged to the area and dumped face down in the water under the bridge about 18-24 hours before being found.

According to police the woman in “most likely” Hispanic, age 18 to 30, long brown hair, 5 foot 4 inches to 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighing 110 to 120 pounds. Her most identifying feature is a heart-shaped tattoo, adorned with rosesĀ and the name “Melissa,” on the back of her left shoulder. Police are asking anyone who recognizes her from the description, or the tattoo, or who has information, to call Middletown Police at (860) 344-3200.

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