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Man Demands Pedicure, Says it Was Number Two on Bucket List

Charles Swinney

Charles Swinney

It was June 12, 2012, and Ohio man Charles Swinney, 43, needed a pedicure, desperately, it seems. Carrying a duffel bag, he entered the Asian Nails salon in Mentor, Ohio, which was about to close, and announced that he needed a pedicure. reports that, according to witness Dionna Longarde, “As she was beginning my pedicure this gentleman runs in the place demanding service. He went to every technician saying I need a pedicure — I need a pedicure.”

Swinney later confessed to police that he had downed at least 12 beers at a bar before going to the salon. For those of you who have never tried to get a walk-in pedicure at a salon at closing time, it is important to mention that Swinney never had a prayer. He would have had better luck asking the patrons at the bar. When the stylists, not surprisingly, refused to help Swinney, he started asking the customers for a pedicure. When that didn’t work, Swinney started rifling through his duffel bag. That’s when everyone started to panic and leave the salon. Luckily the duffel bag was loaded with only cash, which he offered in wads to anyone that would give him a pedicure.

When police arrived, Swinney resisted arrest, but was quickly subdued and arrested on charges of inducing panic and resisting arrest. That’s when he confided to police that his whole reason for getting a pedicure was that it was number 2 on his bucket list, and, presumably, still is. No word on whether he asked any of the arresting officers for a pedicure. Swinney pleaded no contest in court and was sentenced to 90 days in jail with all but 2 days suspended. He received credit for two days he had already spent in jail, and so, is a free man.

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