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Man Beheads Daughter for ‘Indecent Behavior’

Map with Rajasthan, India, locator.

A Dengar Ka Guda man from India’s northern province of Rajasthan took police by surprise on June 12, 2012, when he entered the station carrying his daughter’s severed head, which he had paraded through the streets.

According to Umesh Ojha, deputy superintendent of police in that province, quarry worker Oghad Singh carried Manju Kunwar’s head in one hand and a bloodied sword in the other, as he entered the police station. He told them that Kunwar, 20, had been divorced two years and living with her parents. Two weeks prior to the murder she had eloped. Her father told police that he had forced her to return home, and then chopped her head off. He described her behavior as “indecent.”

Kunwar’s mother, reportedly too upset to go to the station with her husband, had gone to work in the fields. Kunwar reportedly received a proper burial. No word on whether the father has been charged.

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