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Convicted Pedophile Claims He Assaulted Boys for the Testosterone in Their Semen

Charles Bergeron

Charles Bergeron

Charles Bergeron, 80, of Westlake, La., was sentenced to 120 years in prison on June 14 after he pleaded guilty in December to 25 sex crimes against children. The number of counts against him was lowered from 76; some of the crimes dated back to 1976. Typically Bergeron would invite young boys over to his house to party, render them unconscious, or unable to fend off his advances, with alcohol or drugs, like Xanax or Soma, and then perform oral sex on them. According to Prosecutor Cynthia Guillory, “He said he told them that he was an old man and needed testosterone…needed their semen to live, basically,” Guillory said, calling him “the sickest of the sick.”

Bergeron came to the attention of authorities after failing to register as a sex offender for a crime he committed in 2000. He was serving a ten-year sentence at the time of his trial.

Before being sentenced, Bergeron reportedly asked to withdraw his guilty plea and instead be allowed to have a jury trial. “We’ve heard enough from you. You’re not worth the time or the verbiage,” was the terse response he got from State District Judge Clayton Davis, who said of the incarcerated defendant, “I’m inclined to just let him out and let him fend for himself.”

Davis instead complied with the prosecutor’s request for the maximum penalty on each charge, and sentenced Bergeron to 120 years for 12 counts of oral sexual battery, 84 years for 12 counts of indecent behavior and 15 years for a single count of sexual battery, all sentences to run concurrently.

As perverse as the idea of a a semen-sucking vampire is, Bergeron is not the first vampiric offender to offer such a defense. Serial killer Richard Trenton Chase, known as the Vampire of Sacramento, allegedly believed that he needed the blood of others to keep his own blood from turning to dust.

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