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Naked Woman Dead After Taser Jolt May Have Been High on Bath Salts

Pamela McCarthy

Pamela McCarthy

Pamela McCarthy, 35, of Munnsville, New York, may have been high on bath salts when she was tasered by responding officers on Tuesday evening after police received a call about a woman beating her son. When they arrived, officers found a naked and “violently combative” McCarthy running through the streets, growling. According to New York State Police Capt. Rodney Campbell, “She really was not coherent to what was occurring around her,” and, he reporters Wednesday, “she was not speaking clearly.”

According to witnesses, she was seen running through the street naked, where she attacked her son, 3, punching him and choking him. Her shocked boyfriend, Jason Williams, took the child and ran away from her. She quickly gave up the chase and went after two teens at a basketball court. According to a neighbor, “Then she went back around, she was still chasing people, just running back and forth around the street and she got a hold of one of her dogs and she was rolling around on the ground with her legs wrapped around it; she was strangling the dog.”

One officer tried unsuccessfully to cuff her, but she was too violent, next, they tried pepper spray, but to no effect, and finally used the taser on her. They were able to cuff her at that point, but she reportedly went in to cardiac arrest and died later at the hospital. This was not the first time police responded to a call at that house, and not the first time they found her high on bath salts.

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