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Dad Who Left Baby to Bake in Truck May Have Been Baked Himself

David Seimon

David Seimon

David Seimon, 28, was arrested Sunday evening while visiting a friend in Mesa, Arizona, after police received a call about a baby locked inside a truck with all the windows rolled up. Deputies arrived to find the infant alive, in a car seat, on what was reportedly an 89-degree day, “soaked in sweat and crying.” While police waited for fire department personnel to arrive with tools to open the vehicle, Seimon, who said he had been keeping an eye on his daughter from his friend’s apartment window, came out and unlocked the truck.

When asked if he knew that he had left the infant in the locked truck, Seimon proceeded to tell police that he was just at a friend’s house for five minutes getting a drink of water, and that his son, 2, was inside with him, but that he had left five-month-old Carolyn in the car on purpose because he didn’t want to wake her by taking her out. According to the police report, he added that he would have left his son in the truck too, but that “he would get into things in the vehicle.”

Police noted the “overwhelming odor of marijuana coming from the apartment Seimon had left,” and that the type of car seat in Seimon’s vehicle could easily have been removed without waking the baby, and so arrested him and called his wife to the scene to take the children home. She told them that her husband had a habit of smoking marijuana daily, and that she didn’t like it.

Seimon was charged with one count of child/vulnerable adult abuse. According to court documents, he may be a flight risk.

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