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Body Parts Mailed to Schools Belonged to Magnotta Victim, Authorities Confirm

Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Authorities always suspected that the severed foot and hand sent to two Vancouver schools belonged to Jun Lin, the Chinese student brutally murdered by “Canadian Psycho” Luka Magnotta. DNA test results released on Wednesday confirmed it.

Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafreniere told reporters Wednesday: “All the body parts that were found — the torso in Montreal, the foot and hand in Ottawa, the foot and hand in Vancouver — are from the same body, that of Mr. Lin.”

The only part of Lin yet to be recovered is the dead man’s head. Police have said finding the head is their top priority. Lin’s family flew to Montreal last week to pick up his remains. The Concordia University community is showing their support by planning a candlelight vigil for Lin on Thursday evening.

Jun Lin. Facebook photo.

Alleged killer Luka Magnotta remains in a Berlin jail awaiting extradition. He has indicated that he will not contest the process, so he could be returned to Canada for trial within the next few weeks.

Reverberations from the grisly murder — a video of which was circulated on the internet — are still being felt across Canada. Last week, a Montreal teacher was suspended for playing the video for his 10th grade class. The 25-year-old teacher (whose name has not been released) apparently played the video after students voted 22-3 to watch it. The teacher allegedly explained things to his students as it played, perhaps thinking it best for his students to view it with an adult rather than on their own. Nonetheless, school authorities excoriated the teacher for “a total lack of judgment” and police are considering whether to charge the teacher with corrupting the morals of his students.

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