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Casey Anthony Wants New Trial

Casey Anthony with Caylee. Photo: Myspace.

Casey Anthony was famously acquitted of killing her daughter Caylee last summer, escaping the most serious charges against her, but the jury did find her guilty of four counts of lying to police. ¬†Now Anthony, who’s been bobbing in and out of the spotlight since her acquittal, wants those convictions overturned.

After splitting from her lawyer Jose Baez, Anthony is now represented by Lisabeth Fryer, who claims Judge Belvin Perry gave the jury faulty instructions, which led to wrongful convictions. In an appellate brief, Fryer also claims double jeopardy, because all four counts of lying to police came from a single interview. Fryer having filed the brief does not mean Anthony will get a new trial. An appellate court must first agree to hear the case. Read the brief below.

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