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Suspected Serial Killer Tells Newspaper, ‘I Am Guilty’

William Clyde Gibson. Police photo.

Accused serial killer William Clyde Gibson III has told Louisville, Ky., newspaper the Courier-Journal that he is guilty of murdering three women and will accept the death penalty.  In a letter from the Floyd County, Ind., jail in where he has been held without bond since April, Gibson writes, “I will pled (sic) guilty to the death penalty … just to save some more heart ache,” and adds, “after all I am guilty.”

Gibson, 54, a convicted sex offender, is accused of killing Stephanie Kirk, 35, Christine Whitis, 75, and Karen Hodella, 44. Kirk and Whitis were both sodomized and strangled to death, their remains later found on Gibson’s property. Hodella was stabbed to death and her body was discovered near the Ohio River.

Gibson has refused the Courier-Journal’s request for a sit-down interview, preferring to answer questions via mail. Despite his confession, no guilty plea has been entered in court. Gibson’s attorney, chief Floyd County public defender J. Patrick Biggs, told the Courier-Hournal that he will “vigorously defend” his client. Not guilty pleas have been entered on Gibson’s behalf. His first trial is set to begin on August 27.

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