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Sandusky Trial: Victim No. 1 Testifies

Sandusky trial, the scene ouside the courthouse

Sandusky trial, the scene ouside the courthouse

Now 18, Victim No. 1 took the stand Tuesday in the Sandusky sexual abuse trial. He testified to repeated instances of abuse by the former Penn State assistant football coach. Crying, he recounted several instances of kissing, fondling and oral sex during sleepovers in the Sandusky basement. When describing an encounter with Sandusky that escalated into Sandusky demanding oral sex, the sobbing teen recounted, “I spaced,” he said. “I didn’t know what to do with all the thoughts running through my head, I just kind of blacked out and didn’t want it to happen. I froze.”

The teenĀ said he confided in a school counselor about the abuse, who, disbelieving, said of Sandusky, “He has a heart of gold, and he wouldn’t do something like that.” Victim No. 1 added that Sandusky became angry when the boy tried to distance himself, even to the point of Sandusky arguing with the boy’s mother, “I got extremely, extremely scared.” Eventually dialog with his mother led the boy to a counselor who found his claims to be credible.

On cross examination, Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s lawyer, who has stated his belief that the case against his client is “flimsy,” asked if the teen had a financial motive for his accusations.

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