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Manhunt for Suspected Triple Murderer Over; Motive Unknown

Update: Deandra Marquis Lee Apprehended

Lee was arrested and taken into custody on Saturday morning in Selma, Ariz. He was charged with three counts of murder for killing twins Jordan and Taylor DeJerinett, 9, and Jack Mac Girdner, 73, their sitter. Lee’s court appointed attorney did not enter a plea, and will wait to do so until after a grand jury hears the case next year. Bail was set at $1 million.

Deandra Marquis Lee, Jack Mac Girdner, and of Jordan and Taylor DeJerinett

Deandra Marquis Lee (left), Jack Mac Girdner (top), and of Jordan and Taylor DeJerinett (bottom)

Manhunt Underway for Suspect in Murder of Twin Girls, 9, and Babysitter

Alabama authorities are currently conducting a manhunt for Deandra Marquis Lee, 22, a suspect in the shooting deaths of Jordan and Taylor DeJerinett, 9, and Jack Mac Girdner, 73. Their bodies were found Tuesday on a dirt road near Hayneville, Ala., southwest of Montgomery. Girdner’s 1988 Mercedex Benz was found in Minter, with the doors removed. According to investigators the children and Girdner were last seen alive Sunday when the children’s mother left them in Girdner’s care.

Friday, Selma Police Chief William Riley told the media that police had received several tips that Lee is in Selma. Police are not speculating as to a motive in the killings. Lee does have a couple of priors: assault on a police officer and robbery.

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