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Man Set Ex on Fire, Attack Captured by Surveillance Cameras

Roosevelt Mondesir, and surveillance still

Roosevelt Mondesir (inset), and surveillance still

Roosevelt Mondesir, 52, was supposed to meet his ex, the mother of his child, Naomie Breton, at a South Florida 7-Eleven just before 3 a.m. Monday. Breton, 34, was gassing up her silver Mercedes Benz while she waited to pick up her son, 4, but when Mondesir arrived, and the child was not in the car, she ran. She had recently tried to get a restraining order against Mondesir, but a judge denied her request.

According to Boynton Beach Police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater Mondesir, showed up alone in his white Jaguar. Surveillance video shows Mondesir douse the woman’s car and body with gasoline. She runs away, and Mondesir chases her with a knife. The two struggle in the doorway of the convenience store and then disappear from view of the camera. Moments later she returns to the doorway, engulfed in flame, and screaming. A foot search of the area with dogs and helicopters led police to Mondesir just before 6 a.m.

They also broke into his home and found the boy asleep and unharmed. Mondesir is charged with attempted first degree murder. Both Mondesir and the victim were treated for burns. Breton, who reportedly suffered burns to 15% of her body, is expected to survive. Police have released the 911 calls.

The motive reportedly, was money. reports that Mondesir told the judge, “I think I have $1,500 (total). She took everything, she took all my money. She took everything.” A judge Tuesday denied Mondesir bail, and said he made too much money for a court appointed attorney.

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