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Man Drowns Friend for Steering Paddle Boat the Wrong Way

Julian Tamayo and Eduardo Mercado

From left: Julian Tamayo and Eduardo Mercado

Maricopa County man Eduardo Mercado, 20, is being charged with killing another man while paddle boating Saturday afternoon, because the man steered the boat the wrong way.

According to Peoria police, Mercado and Julian Tamayo, 26, stole a couple of paddle boats with friend Rueben Diaz, 21, tied them together and took them out for a spin across the pond near Lake Pleasant, Ariz. Apparently Diaz was piloting one boat and Mercado and Tamayo the other. Diaz reportedly steered his boat in the opposite direction, causing Mercado to fly into a rage, and throw Diaz into the water. Mercado allegedly jumped in after Diaz and held the young man down until he disappeared. Mercado and Tamayo paddled back to shore, while witnesses called police.

Divers found Diaz’ body the next day stuck in the silt at the bottom of the pond. Mercado is being charged with second degree murder. Tamayo reportedly tried to help his friend escape and is being charged with hindering prosecution and aggravated assault on a police officer. Tamayo and Mercado allegedly confessed to having been high on meth.

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