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Drug Suspects Get Arrested; Hungry Child Gets Dinner

Osborne, Lopez. Police photo.

Police in Rogersville, Tenn., responded to a Sonic parking lot Friday afternoon, where two suspects in a maroon minivan were reportedly acting intoxicated and were in possession of drugs.  By the time cops arrived, the two suspects, driver Mary M. Lopez, 47, and passenger Oscar Gary Osborne, 62, had ordered two combo meals for themselves, and nothing for the nine-year-old boy who was with them.   According to Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit Lt. Chad Gillenwater,  ”Ms. Lopez admitted to narcotics officers that she was in possession of Oxycodone, Valium, and Carisoprodol, which is the generic form of Soma. Mr. Osborne also admitted to being in possession of Oxycodone and Valium.” The drugs Lopez admitted to possessing were later allegedly found in her purse.  Lopez and Osborne were arrested on drug charges before they got a chance to eat their food.  The boy, who is reportedly a relative of Lopez and “didn’t know where his mother was,” enjoyed both combo meals, compliments of Sonic.

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