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Baby Fed Bacardi, Mother Arrested

Iesha Hill. Facebook photo.

A Stockton, Calif., mother was arrested Saturday after her infant daughter was accidentally fed formula made with Bacardi rum instead of water.  Iesha Hill, 26, was arrested at the hospital where five-month-old Vanessa was recovering after having ingested the alcohol the night before.  Hill’s mother, Tressie Piggee, 44, says she made the formula at 2 a.m. and mistook rum for water when she mixed it.  ”I was making formula at 2 am and didn’t know that the plastic bottle next to the baby’s formula was filled with Bacardi – and not water,” Piggee told KTXL TV Sacramento.  Piggee also added that she doesn’t feel that her daughter should have been arrested because the whole incident was a mistake.  Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva, however, disagrees, telling KTXL TV, “A 5-month-old baby ingesting any amount of alcohol, that’s definitely a serious situation which has to be dealt with immediately.”  Hill will appear in court tomorrow.

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