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Update: Accused Murderer Who Googled How to Kill Before Murder Indicted

Update:  Nicole Okrzesik was indicted by a grand jury on Thursday for the strangulation murder of Juliana Mensch. She and boyfriend James Ayers are schedule to go to trial on June 25.

James Ayers and Nicole Okrzesik

James Ayers and Nicole Okrzesik (inset)

Juliana Mensch, 19, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was, according to police, strangled to death early on March 24, 2012, by James Ayers and his girlfriend Nicole Okrzesik, while she slept on the floor of Ayers’ rental apartment. Ayers allegedly confessed the murder to a friend, saying he strangled Mensch after Okrzesik unsuccessfully tried to break her neck. The alleged motive was robbery for drug money. The friend reported Ayers and his license plate number to police, which turned out not to be necessary, because Ayers showed up at the West Broward Care Center that night threatening to kill himself, and was arrested. It didn’t take long for the Broward Sheriff’s Office to obtain permission from Ayers’ landlord to enter his apartment, at which point they reportedly smelled what they determined was a decomposing body; it turned out to be Mensch.

When police confronted Okrzesik about the murder, she blamed it on Ayers, saying he suddenly attacked Mensch. reports that hundreds of text messages between the two confirmed their mutual involvement, but now it looks as though Okrzesik may have been the ringleader. It seems that Okrzesik browsed the internet for ways to commit murder, including: A blog post on “Ways to Kill Someone With Your Bare Hands,” a Google search on “how to suffocate someone,” and another Google search on “ways to kill people in their sleep.” Police believe that the last activity on her phone was moments before Mensch was killed. Both Ayers and Okrzesik have been arrested and charged with first degree murder in the death of Juliana Mensch.

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