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More Body Parts Delivered in Luka Magnotta Case

Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Even as Luka Magnotta sits behind bars in Berlin, his sensational crime continues to rock Canada — on Tuesday, two Vancouver schools received packages containing a human foot and human hand in boxes similar to those that delivered victim Jun Lin’s limbs to Canadian political parties last week.

Vancouver police reported that a package containing a human hand arrived at False Creek Elementary School Tuesday afternoon. St. George’s School received a package containing a human foot within an hour of the first package’s arrival. Investigators are attempting to link the packages to Magnotta’s murder and dismemberment of Lin in Montreal. The results are not back yet, but Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafreniere confirmed Tuesday that they had not recovered one of Lin’s hands and feet — nor had they found the Chinese national’s head. Lafreniere said authorities found damning surveillance video of Magnotta carrying bags to the garbage pile where Lin’s torso was later found. They also obtained footage of Magnotta mailing packages at his local Canada Post office in Montreal.

Magnotta surprised media analysts by telling a German judge he would not fight extradition back to Canada. If Magnotta continues that stance, it’s only a matter of filing paperwork before the suspect is sent back to his country to face trial — the process generally takes just a few days.

Magnotta, who has been earned such colorful nicknames as “The Butcher of Montreal” and “Canadian Psycho” faces a deluge of incriminating evidence back home. Perhaps the most damning is an internet video Magnotta is alleged to have posted showing the killer stabbing and dismembering the corpse — and then depicts Magnotta eating some of Lin’s body as well. Lafreniere described the video as “gross” and “graphic.”

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