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Babysitters Charged With Raping Three in Their Care

Rebecca Russell, Billy Joe Bunch, Jr. and John Thomas III

From left: Rebecca Russell, Billy Joe Bunch, Jr. and John Thomas III

Missouri couple John Thomas III, 27, and Rebecca Russell, 30, would often babysit for their neighbors’ kids, sometimes having friend Billy Joe Bunch Jr., 25, visit them while babysitting. The Riverfront Times reports that all three are accused of taking turns sexually assaulting one family’s children, girls, ages 5, 3, and seven months. Russell is accused of sexually assaulting all three and, of holding down the seven month old so that Thomas could rape her. Thomas is also accused of raping the other two girls. Bunch is charged with forcing the 5 year old to fellate him.

Thomas and Bunch have allegedly confessed. All three are being held on a cash-only bond of $200,000 each. Police are particularly concerned in this case, not just because of the heinousness of the crimes, but because the trio apparently babysat for other children in the neighborhood, so there are possibly more victims. Anyone whose children were baby sat by Thomas, Russell or Bunch is being strongly urged to call St. Charles County detectives at 636-949-7900, extension 4554.

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