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Teen Accused of Killing Boy Talked of Blood, Murder Online

Brandon Suhr. Facebook photo.

A Seattle-area teenager is in jail, accused of killing his girlfriend’s 13-year-old brother.  Around 3 a.m. Friday, the girlfriend’s father called police to report that she and her brother were missing, and that there was blood in the hallway.  When cops searched the Pacific home, they found the 13-year-old’s body in a bedroom closet. He’d been stabbed, and the cause of death was ruled to be “homicidal violence.”

The mother was not considered a suspect in the killing, instead, police zeroed in on 19-year-old Brandon Suhr.  The victim’s sister, Suhr’s girlfriend, was later found at Suhr’s mother’s apartment a mile and a half away, and Suhr was arrested.  According to police, Suhr, upset that he and the girlfriend had broken up, broke into their family home and killed the brother.  Police say he then strangled the girlfriend, made her take a shower and write a note to her mother on a Dry-Erase board. The note, discovered at the scene, read ”Mom I’m leaving and I’ve killed [brother's name]. Don’t look for me and I’ll finish the job.”

On Facebook, Suhr (nicknamed “Dante Redgrave Sparda,”) has uploaded several photos of himself with red and green colored eyes, as well as a photo album from late April of what appears to be a deep gash in his left hand.  When a commenter asked what happened, Suhr replied that he “got stabed” by a “knife from unknow” (sic). Later in the comments, another Facebook friend claims responsibility, saying he “told him to shut his f*cking mouth but he wouldnt.”  Most unsettling about Suhr’s Facebook profile is an image he uploaded four days before the murder: a “License to Kill,” complete with ID photo and signature.  As a caption for that image, Suhr wrote, “Got it to day so don’t f*ck with me bitches.”

Suhr's "License to Kill." Facebook.

A search of Suhr’s Facebook leads to the profile of former Auburn High School student Samantha Streeter, who in her online postings alluded to being Suhr’s girlfriend.  In a post yesterday, Streeter wrote, “I will still and always love brandon if I can’t see him or talk to him no more and I will always think of him as a boyfriend to me and a good friend to me and I love him he never hurt me.”  On Saturday, she changed her relationship status to “single” and linked to two local news video clips about the murder.  However, another comment thread on Streeter’s profile makes it unlikely that Streeter was actually the girlfriend described in news reports.  On June 1, Streeter posted “i just found out one of my guy friends in jail today,” and after several people asked who she was talking about, another Facebook user responded with, “idk look at sammie friends look for brandon suhr that him he killed 13 yrs old boy i think his girlfriend tell him too or the family not getting along with her boyfriend (brandon suhr).” Also, on her profile, Streeter lists her high school graduation year as 2006; news reports say Suhr’s girlfriend is 16. The identity of the girlfriend or the victim cannot be confirmed until police make their names public.

Elsewhere online, Suhr has a profile on the website under the user name Masterdante666, as well as accounts on several other  sites, including Goth community, and gaming network  On VampireFreaks, Suhr lists himself as “Master” to user Brokenburnedheart, whose profile says that she is 14 and lives in Oregon.  This “masterhood” over an apparent 14-year-old online, plus Streeter’s post in which she refers to him as a “boyfriend” paint Suhr as somewhat of a lothario.

Suhr also has a website called Dante’s Designs, which has a store with several electronics listed for sale.  In a description of the business, Suhr writes, “We fix every and all kinds of Electronics and Recycle electronics We do Art and Photography Commissions We bake and make deserts and high quality rat food We buy and sell rats and reptiles Ask for Dante when u Call.”

Earlier in 2012, Suhr was arrested on disorderly conduct and weapons charges. Following that arrest, a family petitioned for an order of protection against Suhr, to bar him from having contact with their son. Currently, Suhr is being held at King County Jail on $1 million bail and is the only suspect in the case.



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