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Wheelchair-Bound Woman Beats Man With Prosthetic Leg

Map with Gastonia, N.C. locator

Map with Gastonia, N.C. locator

Gastonia, N.C., man Charles Maurice Talbert, 29, was having an argument with an unidentified woman over groceries— an argument that had gone on for two days. On Sunday at around 11:30 a.m., it seems that the woman, who has a prosthetic leg and is in a wheelchair, had apparently had more than enough. She went to Talbert’s house, launched herself out of her wheelchair and started punching him in the face, next and chest. Then, according to she reportedly removed her prosthetic leg and started hitting him with that.

Talbert’s glasses and cell phone were damaged, but the woman fared much worse than her victim: her dialysis tube was ripped out by well-meaning witnesses who pulled her off Talbot to stop the fight. She was transferred to a local hospital.

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