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911 calls in face-chewing assault released

Update: The 911 calls regarding the Poppo attack have been released by Miami police.

Ronald Poppo

Ronald Poppo

The victim of Saturday’s face-chewing attack has been identified as Ronaldo Poppo, a homeless man that lived under the causeway where he was found naked and being eaten alive by another nude man, Rudy Eugene. According to Sgt. Armando Aguillar, Eugene had eaten his face “down to his goatee.” The case has been described as extremely bloody, but also sad. Eugene was killed by police during the attack and no motive established in the case, except possible drug-induced psychosis.

Eugene, who was also homeless, has been described as having had feelings of persecution, though no history of mental illness. Ives Eugene, Rudy’s uncle, described him as “nice and hard-working.” The uncle told reporters that Rudy had asked his girlfriend to borrow her car, and that she had said no, “So he rode the bicycle, and he never came back home.”

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