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Mom Arrested for Driving Off With Baby on Car Roof

Catalina Clouser, 19. Photo: Twitter.

A 19-year-old Phoenix mom was arrested early Saturday after police say she left her sleeping 5-week-old baby in his car seat on top of her 2000 Ford Focus and drove away.  The child was found by witnesses in the middle of an intersection, unharmed and still strapped into his seat.   Mom Catalina Clouser had allegedly been smoking marijuana with friends earlier Friday night, upset because her boyfriend had been arrested for DUI earlier that evening. Reports say the baby was in the car for the boyfriend’s arrest.  Clouser was charged with aggravated assault and child abuse and released from jail Saturday; the baby is in the custody of state Child Protective Services.

Last week, two pregnant women in separate states were both arrested for drunk driving with another baby in the car.  One of these women allegedly left her one-year-old in the car and stumbled into a tattoo parlor to inquire about a piercing. Parlor employees, seeing the visibly intoxicated eight months pregnant woman, kicked her out of the establishment and called police, who arrived to find her passed out in her car.

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