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Pregnant DUI Double Feature

Rania Hijazi. Police photo.

In Houston, a 20-year-old pregnant woman was arrested last night after allegedly driving drunk to a tattoo parlor.  Once there, police say she left her one-year-old baby in the car and went in to ask the tattoo artist how long it would take to get a piercing.  The tattoo parlor employee ousted her from the store after noticing that she was intoxicated, later telling KTRK Houston, ”I knew she was stumbling. I knew she was on something. I don’t assume nothing and that’s why I turned her down.” When he followed her out, he says he saw the seven months pregnant woman passed out in the car, with the baby in the back seat, and called cops. When police arrived, they reportedly found beer bottles stashed in a diaper bag. The woman was charged with child endangerment and felony DUI.

In Michigan, meanwhile, Rania Hijazi, 37, found herself in a sadly similar situation on Monday.  The eight months pregnant mother was arrested after police say she crashed into a street sign in Southfield.  When a breathalyzer test was administered, Hijazi, whose ten-month-old child was in the backseat, allegedly blew .14, nearly twice the legal limit. She was charged with operating while impaired and child endangerment. The child was uninjured.  WXYZ reports that Hijazi has had prior issues with substance abuse.

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