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Murder Victim’s Mother Rejects Killer’s Apology

David Auchterlonie, victim. Facebook photo.

A letter written by 19-year-old convicted killer Matthew Milat was brought forth as evidence during his sentencing hearing in New South Wales, Australia.  Milat and co-defendant Cohen Klein both pleaded guilty and were convicted last week of the brutal axe murder of their friend, David Auchterlonie.  In the letter, Milat writes, “You may never accept my apology, but I want you to know I am truely [sic] sorry.”  Auchterlonie’s mother, Donna Locke, did not accept the apology, and instead called for a life sentence for Milat and Klein. “I’d like to see them get life – a life sentence just like we all got given,” she said following the hearing.

During the court proceedings, Auchterlonie’s family listened to an audio recording that captured their son’s last moments of life. On the tape, Milat repeatedly threatens Auchterlonie, saying “You keep looking at me I’ll cut your head off,” before the sound of the axe hitting his body is heard.  Also shown in court were Milat’s grim poems, which spoke to his fascination with murder and death.  Matthew Milat is the great nephew of serial killer Ivan Milat, convicted in Australia’s infamous Backpacker murders in 1994. The younger Milat was possibly inspired by his great uncle’s actions. In a confession following Auchterlonie’s murder, he said he was just “doing what my family does.”

Below is Milat’s apology letter.

New South Wales Supreme Court.

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