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Utah Police: Roommates Tortured Man with Power Tool, Stapler

Clockwise from top left: David Masters, Tracy Jordan, Brandon Haggard, Jennifer Moses, Lee Moses, and Paula Jones. Photo: Salt Lake County Jail.

Six Magna, Utah, housemates are behind bars after a seventh cohabitant, Tommy Chapman, told authorities he’d suffered hours of torture at the hands of the two women and three men he was living with.  Chapman,41, told police he’d moved into the home of  David Masters and his wife Paula Jones-Masters at 2931 South 8950 West about two weeks prior to the May 19 incident, and agreed to remodel the basementPreview in lieu of rent.  It wasn’t long after Chapman moved in that one of the roommates, Lee Moses, began accusing him of feeding information to a perceived adversary, who had then reportedly started threatening Moses. According to Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal, ”One of the suspect’s claims over the last several weeks was that different people have pulled a gun on him the street. They believed [Chapman] was responsible for it.”

Chapman told authorities that all six roommates took him to the basement at gunpoint, where they handcuffed and bound him.  They then allegedly proceeded to beat him with a crutch, a stick and even a laptop, before stapling his mouth shut with an industrial stapler.  ”I think I kind of slipped out of reality a few times,” Chapman told KUTV, “I didn’t know what was going on, I was kind of outside myself…Ok, I heard the staple crack, I heard that, but I didn’t feel it” They also allegedly cut him with a Dremel power tool during the course of the torture, which according to Chapman lasted over six hours.  Eventually, the group decided that Chapman was not the reason for Moses’ troubles, and let him go.  Wearing only underwear, he ran to his sister’s house and was brought to the hospital. He suffered extensive injuries, including a broken nose.

The six suspects, Jennifer Moses, 30, Lee Carl Moses, 26, David Masters, 55, Paula Jones-Masters, 43, Brandon Haggard, 20, and Tracy Jordan, 45, were booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault and obstruction of justice.

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