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Former Bundy Lawyer to Publish Memoir, Claims Bundy Killed More Than 100 Women

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

John Henry Browne, the lawyer who represented notorious serial killer Ted Bundy during the 1970s, is publishing his memoire, which includes his conversations with Bundy. Browne told Q13 Fox that in 1989, before his execution, Bundy, who had already told authorities that he killed 30 women in seven states, told Browne that he had killed more than 100 women, and one man, his first murder. Bundy also signed a paper releasing Browne from attorney-client privilege, essentially freeing Browne to tell his story.

During interviews for his memoire Browne discovered, creepily enough, that Bundy had researched him and, Browne believes, “chose” him before retaining him, “I found out that he researched me, he, like, knew where I lived, he knew what kind of clothes I had, he knew what kind of cars I had, and of the women I was dating, were the same kind of women that he was murdering … I had also lost a woman then, to a murderer. My girlfriend in law school was murdered in Berkley. I was in D.C. He knew that.” Browne told the interviewer that he prays Bundy had nothing to do with that unsolved murder. He added that unlike most sociopaths, Bundy did know right from wrong, having said, “John, I want to be a good person, but I’m not.” Browne continued, “Most sociopaths never admit they’re evil at all, Ted really knew he was evil.  Evil, evil, evil.  And, believe me, really evil.” Not surprisingly, Browne says he is more afraid of Bundy today than he was when Bundy was all those years ago.


Ted Bundy

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