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Walmart Employee who Videotaped Boy in Bathroom Gets 9 Years

Okey Belcher. Photo: Grove City Police.

A former Walmart worker was sentenced yesterday to nine years in prison on charges of knowingly receiving visual images of child pornography.  Okey Belcher, 28, was arrested on December 5, 2011, for videotaping a young boy using the toilet at the Grove City, Oh., Walmart where he worked as a plainclothes loss-prevention officer.  The boy had told his father that someone was recording him, and the father approached Belcher outside the store and called police.  When police searched Belcher’s phone and iPod, they found the video of the boy, as well as approximately 100 images of nude male and female children aged 10-14. More child pornography was discovered on his home computer.

In addition to nine years in prison, Belcher was sentenced to 25 years of court supervision and a $2,500 fine.  After his release, he must register as a sex offender anywhere he lives.

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