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Scientists Want to Prove Existence of Bigfoot, Ask for Hair Sample

Frame 362 from the Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot

Frame 362 from the Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot.

Hair samples are being sought for a study to prove the existence of the legendary creature called Bigfoot, also known as a the Sasquatch, or the Yeti. According to the London A.P., Oxford University and Lausanne Museum of Zoology researchers reached out this week to museums, scientists and Sasquatch aficionados, asking for a hair sample thought to come from a Yeti. The scientists plan on doing a new type genetic analysis of a few strands of hair to determine their source. They say they have already received many sample offers, ranging from hair to items chewed on by Bigfoot, and that it will take months to sort through them and determine which to test.

According to Mark Thomas, a professor of evolutionary genetics at University College London “If the Yeti is real and somebody has found bits of their hair, you should be able to tell from the DNA in the hair if this is actually a Yeti.” Getting a real sample will be the scientists’ challenge. Despite past “hard evidence” of the existence of Bigfoot having been debunked, many still believe, or want to believe, he’s out there.

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