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More Severe Charges for Mother of Adam Mayes

Mary Frances Mayes. Police photo.

The mother of Adam Mayes, who allegedly killed a mother and sister and kidnapped the two younger sisters before shooting himself after police tracked him down, has been formally charged with aggravated kidnapping for her role in helping with her son’s plot.

Mary Frances Mayes, 64, was already facing four counts of conspiracy to commit especially aggravated kidnapping for her aiding her fugitive son — and allowing him to bury the bodies of Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain in the backyard of her Guntown, Mississippi home. But on Tuesday, prosecutors kicked up two of the charges from conspiracy to especially aggravated kidnapping itself. Prosecutors now believe that Mary Mayes kept sisters Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain captive after Adam Mayes took them from their Tennessee home.

Bail for Mary Mayes was increased from $300,000 to $500,000 on account of the more serious charges. A prelminary hearing for Mary and Teresa Mayes — Adam’s wife, currently jailed on charges of murder and kidnapping in league with her husband — has been scheduled for June 19. The prelmin was postponed by a Hardeman County judge to provide time for the defendants to be evaluated psychologically.

According to CNN, defense attorneys for Mary Mayes are considering a strategy of blaming her actions on elder abuse by her late son. Attorney Terry Dycus told reporters his client is is now free “of the terror her son has inflicted upon her.”

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