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Senior Citizen Arrested for Attempting to Rob the Same Bank for Third Time

Datha Nation

Datha Nation

Colorado senior citizen and hardened bank robber Datha Nation, 64, was arrested May 14, 2012, after almost robing the same Safeway Wells Fargo bank for the third time in less than a year. The sexagenarian’s crime spree started last June 9, when she approached the counter and handed over a note that threatened to infect them with H.I.V. if they didn’t hand over all the cash. The note apparently didn’t mention how Nation planned to spread the H.I.V. virus, but the clerks wisely decided to give her an undisclosed amount of cash, and let her go on her way. She returned to the same bank on March 27, again with a note, but left before employees could alert the authorities.

Nation’s May bank job was thwarted by alert bank personnel who recognized her and alerted authorities. She reportedly became nervous and left the bank before pulling her heist. Nation was apprehended without incident in her car in the parking lot by police. According to Longmont Police spokesman Commander Jeff Satur, “They searched her car and found a note indicating that the employees were being watched by two other people, and they should give her all the money, but no dye packs.” She is charged with two counts of attempted robbery and one count of aggravated robbery. Read about More seniors who wound up in the slammer.

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