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Nanette Packard Sentenced for Boyfriend’s Murder in 1994 Plot


Nanette Ann Packard. Police photo.

Nanette Ann Packard was sentenced to life imprisonment on Friday for masterminding a plot to kill her wealthy boyfriend with the help of ex-NFL linebacker Eric Naposki.

Packard met Bill McLaughlin through a personal ad in a singles magazine, and the two soon became a couple. McLaughlin, a wealthy medical device entrepreneur owned his own plane and lived on the water in tony Newport Beach, had made Packard a beneficiary of a $1 million life insurance policy and made provisions for her in his will. The lure of that money inspired Packard to enlist her boyfriend Naposki to murder McLaughlin. On December 15, 1994, Naposki entered McLaughlin’s home (with a key provided by Packard) and shot McLaughlin six times in the chest.

Eric Naposki. Police photo.

The murder remained unsolved for many years while law enforcement built their case. Naposki was convicted of murder in July 2011, and Packard’s jury reached the same conclusion in January 2012.

Both conspirators were scheduled to be sentenced on Friday, May 18, but Naposki refused to leave his jail cell so his sentencing was postponed until August 10, 2012.

The 46-year-old Packard did show up in court, looking far less attractive than she did in the sexy, seductive photos that enticed McLaughlin. Kim McLaughlin, a daughter of the victim addressed Packard directly: “The fact that you, Nanette, destroyed so many lives, including my dad’s, along the way is vile. Your web of lies has caught up to you, finally.”

Judge William Froeberg ultimately decided to impose the maximum sentence. Even as she learned that she would be spending the rest of her life behind bars with no possibility of parole, Nanette Packard betrayed no discernable emotion.

Read the whole story of Nanette Packard, Eric Naposki and the murder of Bill McLaughlin. 


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