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Four Arrested After Girl Tied to Tree and Abused

Clockwise from top left: Loretta Miller, Randel Mille, Ross Renicker, Margaret Allen. Police photo.

Two couples from Isle of Wright County, Va., were arrested earlier this month after the Department of Social Services informed police that a 15-year-old  girl had been tied to a tree with ratchet straps, was pummeled with eggs and had beer poured on her.  The alleged incident occurred on April 27; deputies arrived at the campground where the victim and suspects lived on May 2nd.  The girl’s parents had given custody to Loretta L. Miller, 48, and Randel L. Miller, 47, before going out of state. Their neighbors at Big Bear Campground, Margaret J. Allen, 46, and Ross Renicker, 48, allegedly participated in the abuse as well.  All four were arrested and charged with assault and battery of a family or household member.  All but Renicker were also charged with abduction, and Randel Miller was additionally charged with resisting arrest.  Allen was released on $15,000 bail on May 15; the others remain at Western Tidewater Regional Jail without bail.  The girl, as well as several other children in the Millers’ custody, were taken by Social Services.

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