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Dismembered Man Found in Freezer May Have Been Killed by Roomate

Christian Delaurentis and Phillip Lindemuth

Christian Delaurentis and Phillip Lindemuth (inset)

Aloha, Ore., man Phillip Lindemuth, 43, was found dead and dismembered in his garage freezer on May 18, 2012. Police obtained a warrant to search the premises after Lindemuth was reported missing two days earlier. Lindemuth had been dismembered using various knives and saws, the medical examiner told, but he reportedly died from multiple stab wounds. No formal announcements are being made regarding the condition of the body until the official autopsy is complete.

Sergeant Bob Ray, a Washington County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, told reporters, that trash removal had been stopped months ago and that searchers were forced to wear hazmat suits at the site, “The search efforts were very difficult and slow due to the large amounts of garbage and debris inside and outside the house.”

The two men had reportedly had a fight earlier in April, but police have not announced a motive for the murder. His roommate, Christian Delaurentiis, 23, was stopped and arrested the day before the search while driving Lindemuth’s car. Ray said that they have a “very good idea” of Delaurentiis’ motive. According to KOIN Local 6, the two men had met online and were in a volatile romantic relationship.

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