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Chain of Unfortunate Events Ends in Arrest of Cleveland Woman

Swain's car crashed into this house on East 125th Street. Google maps.

On Thusday night, two women were arguing inside a running car parked in the driveway of a house on the 3000 block of East 125th Street in Cleveland.  The woman in the passenger seat, Kimberly Black, “exited the vehicle, went into her home and returned to the vehicle with a weapon,” according to a police press release.  She then allegedly stabbed the driver, 29-year-old Shanice Swain, several times in the neck and face.  Black, for reasons that remain unexplained, took off all her clothes.  Black’s daughters, Kimshia Ruffin, 2, and Taraji Ruffin, 1, had come outside because of the commotion.  The severely injured and bleeding Swain stepped on the gas, running over both children and crashing into a house across the street.  The children were taken to a hospital, where Kimshia died and Taraji was treated for injuries.  Swain also died after being transported to a medical center.  Black allegedly fled the scene and was arrested later. She is currently in custody, awaiting charges.

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